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Hardwood flooring

A timeless beauty. Hardwood flooring can be an ideal flooring type for those who want to enhance the look and feel of your residential property. It can evoke a sense of warmth and comfort in your home and make it feel like you have a larger living space. Strong and durable, it can last for decades since it is easy to clean and maintain.

In addition to our hardwood flooring installation services, we also do limited restoration and repair services. So, if you want your hardwood floors to be restored/repaired by us, we can review your requests on a case-by-case basis.

Hardwood flooring in a room for a residential home.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring in a living room of a residential home

Carpets can provide a more, safer environment for your residential property. Its non-slip surface can reduce the risks of accidental at-home injury for residents of all ages. Not to mention, carpets are much softer, warmer, quieter, and more comfortable to walk on.

The carpets we provide for our carpet installation services are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to suit the aesthetics of your home. 

Countertop surfaces

Countertops are an essential part of kitchens and bathrooms. They are the most heavily used surfaces throughout a home and they can enhance your room's aesthetic. However, certain materials for countertop surfaces can get damaged over time after years of regular use. So, depending on the countertop surfaces you currently have, they must be replaced with a more durable material to prevent them from eventually getting damaged beyond repair.

In addition to our countertop surface installation services, we also do remodeling of existing ones. So, if you have existing countertop surfaces that are not fully damaged and want them to be remodeled by us, we can review your requests on a case-by-case basis.

The materials we use for our countertop surfacing services include quartz, marble, ceramics, granite, tile, and porcelain.

Quartz countertop surface in a kitchen of a residential home

Tile surfaces

Tile flooring in a bathroom of a residential home

Tiles can provide an aesthetic appeal for your home. They are long-lasting and durable thanks to their ability to withstand moisture and heavy foot traffic without showing signs of major damage. Not to mention, they are easy to maintain. We offer a large variety of tile surface installation services for your bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms, including:

  • Tiled flooring

  • Tiled countertops

  • Tiled backsplashes

  • Tiled showers

  • Tiled walls

The materials we use for our tile surface installation services include marble, porcelain, and ceramic.

Service Area

Interested in our services? Be sure to request a free estimate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are currently providing services in the following cities of King County, Washington, USA.

  • Renton

  • Newcastle

  • Seattle

  • Kent

  • Maple Valley

  • Issaquah

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